The new album by robotnik is coming soon !
In the mean time, take a tour with us in Costa Azzurra.

Costa azzurra by robotnik

robotnik is an experimental group born in 1999 from an idea of Stefano Cagliero, Riccardo Castagna and Stefano Oletto.
It focuses on an extensive research in the field of contemporary compositon, post-rock music and free improvisation.

Since the first years the band worked on free improvisations, also performing live with videos and images. The "Greatest Tits" album is a collection of the band's early works (from 1999 to 2005). The musical research of robotnik finally flowed into the suggested music method, which robotnik are now experimenting with various ensembles.

In 2008 robotnik recorded their second album BRODO with the contribution of many guest musicians.
The album was produced by Paolo Lucΰ and is now distributed by EGEA .

robotnik musicians

It is a critical reflection about the borderline between composition and improvisation, which follows the experiments of graphical notation introduced in the '60s by avant-garde composers and the conduction methods of contemporary performers such as John Zorn (Cobra method) and Butch Morris (Conduction method).

The method consists of secret tracks that only the musicians can hear through headphones.
These tracks give metrical, harmonic and mood oriented suggestions that allow musicians to improvise, still giving them a structure to deal and - sometimes - to struggle with.
The result is an orchestra following a ghost director in which musicians preserve their own expressive independence.

This way the importance of musicians and composers is always different.
Robotnik are now exploring the possibilities of this method proposing their compositions to heterogenous musicians and bands.

We present two sample tracks recorded with different ensembles starting from the same suggested composition:


Decelerando part1 and part2
Live at Folkclub with Carlo Actis Dato, Dario Bruna, Igor Sciavolino, Tatè Nsongan
Torino - 05-03-2009

OUT OF JAZZ (2009)

Live at FolkClub w. Carlo Actis Dato, Dario Bruna, Igor Sciavolino, Nsongan Tatè

BRODO (2008)

Produced by Paolo Lucà - Egea Distribution

GREATEST TITS 1999-2005 (2005)

Self-production - early compositions and free improvisations

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